13 maio 2009

Lack of Love

And just like a whisper, that silently makes its way trough the air, before disappearing, and getting forever lost, in time and space, love started to fade away.

Slowly, it faded away, until there was no reason or meaning to keep on going. No reason or meaning trying to fight for something that had been lost a long ago.
Something that had been lost, even before, they knew.

Both had imagined that love was on their side, for the first time in their lives.
But, in fact, love had been lost. Love had had its fate crossed long ago. Love was no longer.

And, just a fake sense of love, kept them going. Together, but alone. Both kept it walking. Both kept it going. Still, both travelled just a step back, way behind, just in case they had to runaway.

Runaway from love.
Runaway from themselves.

Runaway from love, just in time, not to get struck by it.
Just in time not to get hurt by the lack of it…
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