13 agosto 2012

Summer Breeze

I really need to stop. Stop and rest for a minute... Actually, what I really need is to stop for a minute, sit down for another, and spend another one enjoying a fresh cold beer, and then, finally, rest. Rest before my mind goes out of control.

Going down the street and into Kerrytown, just by the Market, I know this cozy bar, with a refreshing shaded patio: "Its just what I need!", my mind screams.

So, I head that way, and while I do so, I feel myself melting down, just as the sun, up on the blue sky, shines with such strength that all around me a huge wave of sweat seems to be arousing, and all around me people are starting to melt, slowly, one by one, and I that dislike those freezing winter days, for once, wish that I was an ice cube, sliding down this body, that urgently needs solidification.

"This is just my mind having this strange thoughts", I say as I try to keep my pace, and reach that cozy bar, down by the Market, before being defeated by this amazing ball of fire that seems to be following me, and, in fact, everyone else. It has been an incredibly hot day and everywhere I've been people all around have been trying to hide under the ground just like little insects. My mind keeps doing that, playing tricks on me, or on what my eyes are seeing, my ears are hearing, my nose is smelling and my senses are feeling. I look ahead and I still have a few blocks to go, and I can see liquid bodies right in front of my eyes. I start to feel her skin, her hot melting skin in my hands and, as strange as it seems, it feels really great, and it smells even better. A sweet smell, so sweet, in fact, that my taste buds are starting to water, but that might also be of this thirst that has stricken me, just like a thunder, a thunder that one knows is going to strike soon, just by looking at the dark, gray, clouds forming far in the horizon, and it's summer, and the sky is blue on one side and dark gray clouds are rising on the other: "Oh, my!", I should head down faster.

Two blocks to go, and I really need to sit down. Sit down and have all those minutes, every single one of them, just for myself. I wonder if my mind can make it till the bar, that outside patio, that cozy outside patio filled with shade and a fresh breeze and nice music before it stops working properly, and gives in and decides to... [God knows what?!]

I'm almost there, and as soon as I smell that small Siam Cuisine at the corner of the street, I feel like a celebration is going to happen inside myself, as if tiny "me's" where inside my head celebrating, jumping, and getting the champagne bottles ready. I try not to smile, not to smile too much, and keep the party inside controlled, as one does not want to look that crazy, while walking down the street.

There are plenty of seats available on the patio, and as I wait to be seated I feel my legs tremble, as I feel a bit of that fresh air, blowing through the alley, followed by the music that, as always, is inviting. It feels like mission accomplished, but I still need that cold freezing beer sliding down my throat, before I can relax and finally enjoy those eagerly awaited minutes: "That's what I'll be doing now!", I heard myself saying as I was seated and served, and I can feel a strange grin transforming into an even stranger smile, as I grab that bottle of beer and start drinking it.