12 agosto 2004

Small Thought on Human Life

Human Life, or What We Call Human Evolution, Keeps Taking More and More Control of The World. Wars, Killings, Murders, Robbers, Disasters, Accidents and So On, Keep Destroying and Taking Away The REAL Meaning Of Life... Nations, Countries, Different Cultures, Whole Different People Out There, What For?? Politicians, Cops, Gangs, Military, Rebels and On, and On? Why Are WE So Greedy People? Why Do We Always Want To Give a Step Forward in the WRONG Direction?

What Is All This For, If We Are Going To Leave Sooner Or Later, And Give Way To A lot More Generations Still To Come?! Why Should We Leave It Worse, When We Are Supposed To Come Here, Live Our Life, Know People, Have Fun, Study and Invent, Trip Around The World, And Share Our Love, Our Thoughts, Our Knowledge and Our Dreams,

In Other Words Living Life as If It Was A Story Book. Not Just Any Story Book, But Our Own Story Book, A Special Story Book, Where Our Days Go On and On, Page After Page, Day After Day, On As It Goes, Where Tomorrow Is Not Just Another Day, But A Whole New Day Continuing The Previous Page... And So On As It Goes, Or At Least As It Should Go!

Lisboa, 27 Abril 2001
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